Nail Treatments Price


Signature Nails: The SNS (Signature Nail System) process represents a completely new technology in nail enhancement. Signature Nails are healthy for real nails by adding Calcium & Vitamin E.

Full set (French)   £35.00 
Full Set (Colour)   £30.00
Infill (French: Pink & White)   £25.00
Infill (Colour or French: Pink only)   £20.00
*** Gel colour instead of normal colour     £5.00

Acrylic (Tips/Overlay): A standard type of Nail Extensions which is said to be the toughest and most durable of all nail applications.

Full set & Polish/French (1 colour)   £25.00 
Full set with permanent white tips   £30.00
Re-fill & polish or airbrush   £18.00
Take Off & New Set   £30.00
Full set (long/curve/pointed) & Polish from £30.00
Toes (Full)   £25.00
Toes (Re-fill)   £20.00
Big Toe (Full set or Re-fill)   £15.00
Take Off & New Set   £30.00
*** Gel colour instead of normal colour     £5.00

Gel Powder: Very popular at the moment: The gel powder (or gel) which is cured on to the nail is great for holidays, weddings, and even everyday because of its natural looking.

Full set & Polish/French (1 colour)   £30.00
Re-fill & polish or airbrush   £20.00
Take Off & New Set   £35.00
*** Gel colour instead of normal colour     £5.00

Pink & White: Pink & White: a deluxe type of Acrylic Nail Extensions which applies pink & white powders to the nails to produce a more permanent, natural-looking “French” manicure look. 

Full set   £35.00
Re-fill (Pink & White)   £25.00
Re-fill (Pink only)   £18.00
Take Off & New Set   £39.00

Take Off

Take Off + Free Colour   £10.00
Take Off + Luxury Manicure   £19.00

Shellac: To apply on real nails Shellac which is a nail product that lasts for at least 14 days without chipping, scratching, or smudging: The nails are stronger and healthier.

Full set   £20.00 
Take Off, Mini Manicure  & New Set   £25.00

A range of treatments for individual nail types to cultivate beautiful hands and nails.

Luxury (incl. exfoliation, massage and varnish) £14.00
French (incl. exfoliation, massage) £16.00
Luxury Manicure & Shellac £25.00
Deluxe Manicure & Shellac £30.00

With the latest Spa back and lumbar massage chair! 

Luxury (incl. exfoliation, massage and varnish) £22.00
French Luxury Pedicure £24.00
Deluxe (All of above plus remove of dead skin on soles of feet) £28.00
French Deluxe Pedicure £30.00
Luxury Pedicure & Shellac £35.00
Deluxe Pedicure & Shellac £40.00


Mini Manicure   £10.00
Luxury Manicure & Luxury Pedicure   £33.00
Luxury Manicure & Luxury Ped. (French)   £36.00
Luxury Manicure & Deluxe Pedicure   £38.00
Luxury Manicure & Deluxe Ped.(French)   £40.00
Luxury Manicure & Pedicure (Shellac)   £55.00
Manicure (+Shellac) & Deluxe Pedicure.   £50.00
Nail cutting & shaping (/set)   £5.00
Colour polish   £8.00
French polish   £10.00
Hand Design or 10 diamond stones from £5.00
One Nail Repair   £3.00